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Rooted is a 10 week small group experience that connects people to God, the church and their purpose.


The next group will begin the Fall of 2023.

Coming Soon >

Check out this Rooted promo video produced by Compass Church in 2017, which beautifully describes what a small group Rooted experience can be like for you at Reimagine Church!

Since launching Rooted here at Reimagine Church in early 2021, we too have been experiencing transformation, as a church but especially as individuals.

Discipleship does not have to be complicated.


Rooted was created to help believers grow deeper in their walk with Christ through a 10 week small group experience that highlights 7 foundational parts of our Christian walk.

The Rooted group material calls these foundational parts of our Christian walk,

the 7 rhythms of Rooted.

Daily Devotion


Freedom from Strongholds

Sacrificial Giving

Serving the Community

Sharing Your Story


We are very passionate about believers in Christ, growing into strong disciples, who make more disciples. We can't wait to help you connect deeper with God, the church and your purpose!

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